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On market since 2014

The popularity of packaged sunflower seeds increased in the 10s. With the appearance of many other brands on the market, the customers’ quality expectations have also increased. The founders of Solari have been working in this field outside of Georgia for about ten years. Therefore, the team has extensive experience in the field, including thorough knowledge of purchasing raw materials, processing, and storing techniques. As a result, in 2012, the team created the brand Solari in Georgia. Soon, it became the leader and had been acquiring this position for eight years.

From the field To your stores

The strategy of Solari is to work constantly on development and expansion, to absorb and quickly implement the novelties in the market. That is why Solari was established as a brand. The complex ideology and work also indicate the strength of the brand.

The company not only buys the raw materials and producesthem, but it also includes the distribution network.

Nuts background. Different kind of nuts with green leaves.
Different types of nuts in bowls with green leaves.

Harmony in Every Bite

Solari, a premium producer of nuts and seeds for snacking, has been honored with the prestigious Golden Brand award an impressive seven times, underscoring its commitment to delivering high-quality products.