Our Products

The Krasnodar region is considered to be the homeland of the highest quality sunflower. Therefore, Solari cooperates with farmers producing raw materials in this region.
The best raw materials and the production technology determine the unique taste and quality of its products. Solari uses confectionery varieties such as SPK, Dobrinia, Lakomka, and Gin. It should be noted that Solari products are made from non-genetically modified raw materials.

Classic roasted sunflower seeds

Roasted and salted sunflower seeds

Premium roasted sunflower seeds

Peeled roasted sunflower seeds

Salted and roasted peanut kernels

Preservation of Purity: At Solari, we believe in simplicity.

Our snacks are free from additives and preservatives, allowing you to relish the authentic flavors of nature. It’s a commitment to providing you with snacks that nourish your body.

Classic roasted peanuts in shell

Roasted almond kernels

Roasted salted almond kernels

Raw walnut

Roasted walnut kernels